Post Adoption Support

Animal Therapy booklet ICAOHope & Healing Through Animal-Assisted Therapy

Children with a history of trauma don’t always respond well to traditional “talk therapy.” For many of these children, animals can be the bridge, taking them from distress, disconnection and discouragement to a place of connection, restoration and healing. Much like art, music or dance therapy, animal-assisted therapy engages children through their senses, rather than through words. For the child who is reluctant to talk to adults, an animal can be a great listener. Written by an expert in the areas of foster care and child trauma, this booklet introduces the idea that animal-assisted therapy might be the key to unlocking a child’s heart and beginning the healing journey.

A Servant’s Heart:

Supporting Adoptive Families in Your Community

Adoption itself may be a singular event, but the path toward healing for both a child and the family is ongoing. With support and care from those around them, adoptive families can truly thrive. A Servant’s Heart helps individuals and churches understand how to rightly care for the adoptive and foster families in their community.


Handbook on Thriving as an Adoptive Family

Real-Life Solutions to Common Challenges
David & Renee Sanford

Adoption is a high calling from God, and the Christian home is primary soil for planting seeds of faith. But how will post-adoption challenges affect this growth? Most agencies do not prepare you for unexpected challenges like an adopted child fighting with his new siblings, not wanting to be touched or showing signs of reactive attachment disorder (RAD). Packed with practical advice, ideas and resources, this distinctively Christian book is the only parenting resource that provides comprehensive, topical, Bible-based solutions for the inevitable challenges after adoption.


Wait No More

One Family’s Amazing Adoption Journey

Kelly & John Rosati
Kelly and John Rosati never expected to adopt four children from the U.S. foster care system. But God’s plan for them turned out to be even more extraordinary than they could have planned. Follow Kelly and John in their amazing journey through the child welfare system. You’ll be inspired by the story of how God brought their family together, and challenged by their honest and revealing look at the desperate need of children still waiting for families. The Rosati’s story is one of hope amid challenges, beauty from ashes, and faith that sustains. It’s a beautiful picture of what family truly looks like.

Read an excerpt here.


Wrapping Around Adoptive Families

How to Provide Support to Those Called to Adopt

There are many different ways to minister to God’s orphan children and to the adoptive families that have welcomed these children home. This booklet from Focus on the Family makes it clear that struggling adoptive families need their church families to support them during times of trials. While the suggestions in this booklet may not apply to all situations, they represent a general “cry of the heart” of adoptive families who welcomed home an emotionally wounded or struggling child. The goal is to provide practical guidance for churches seeking effective ways to support adoptive families.

Attachment in Adoption

The parenting of children from hard places can be a challenge for many adoptive parents – but there is hope for even the most complex situations. “Attachment in Adoption” gives adoptive and foster parents in-depth insights into why their child may have difficulty adapting to life in a new family – and gives them hope for success.

This positive and informative booklet will show you how your child has formed his or her current behavior and offers tips and resources for overcoming their past and building a bond that is rewarding for both you and your child.


resources_hopeandhealingHope & Healing for Sensory Deprivation

Many adoptive families struggle with some of the behaviors of their children. At times, that is due to a lack of knowledge about sensory processing disorder and how it impacts children. This booklet gives some practical ways families can identify the signs of sensory processing disorder as well as ways to help their child heal.



Closer_FOTFAd_160x144Closer – Taking Steps Together

Closer is a topical resource to aid adoptive and foster families to help their children heal, trust, and grow. These relational family activities are written in an age-appropriate, trauma-informed manner designed to bring about holistic healing. Each topical unit has resources to equip the parent, four short active lessons incorporating play and art therapy, and an Integrity Shout Praises Kids song. Topics include Anger Management, Healthy Grieving, God is with Me, and Safety and Personal Boundaries.


The Connected Child

For Parents Who Have Welcomed Children

Karyn B. Purvis, Ph.D., David R. Cross, Ph.D., Wendy Lyons Sunshine

The adoption of a child is always a joyous moment in the life of a family. Some adoptions, though, present unique challenges. Welcoming these children into your family—and addressing their special needs—requires care, consideration, and compassion. Written by two research psychologists specializing in adoption and attachment, The Connected Child will help you:

  • Build bonds of affection and trust with your adopted child
  • Effectively deal with any learning or behavioral disorders
  • Discipline your child with love without making him or her feel threatened

Karyn B. Purvis, Ph.D., is director of Texas Christian University’s Institute of Child Development, which hosts the Adoption Project and its Hope Connection camp.

David R. Cross, Ph.D., is associate director of TCU’s Institute of Child Development and a professor in TCU’s psychology department.


How We Love Our Kids

The 5 Love Styles of Parenting
Milan & Kay Yerkovich

Based on years of research in the area of attachment and bonding, How We Love Our Kids shows parents how to overcome the predictable challenges that arise out of the five love styles and helps parents cultivate a secure, deep connection with a child of any age. Retool your reactions and refocus on how you love. Start today. Watch your kids flourish and thrive as they receive what was missing in your love.



The Connection

Where Hearts Meet
Dr. Karyn Purvis

This interactive small group study is designed to help you and your child build a lasting, loving connection. You will be encouraged and equipped with practical help based on Biblical truths and research-based interventions specifically developed for adoptive or foster care families.

This kit includes 1 Study Guide and 1 DVD and Bonus DVD.


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